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Professional Tattooing by

Electric Elaine

My Story

I grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana and I always had a passion for art. I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from The Art Institute. I rebelled against my degree once I graduated and moved to Hollywood, California to become a Tattoo Artist.


I began tattooing in 2011 then had a 4-year break between 2013-2017. I moved across the country from Indianapolis to Hollywood, to Atlanta, to Denver all within 3 years which made tattooing very difficult, especially as a new Tattoer. During that time I was a Makeup Artist for MAC Cosmetics and then had a studio/ gallery space where I created and sold my paintings and drawings.


I started tattooing again in 2017 at Urban Element Tattoo. I moved to Lumenati Tattoo in April 2021. The private studio environment with Lumenati Productions has been a magical place to work. I tattoo inside of a shipping container within a large warehouse. The building is covered in murals, unique spaces, and includes a Video Production company, a fabrication workshop, and a skate park. 


My tattoo style includes designs that are ornamental, botanical, and floral-inspired. Black and grey ink primarily and some color work. I specialize in creating beautiful confidence-boosting tattoos that fit and flow with the body.

I open my booking every 1-2 years to new clients. If you want to be tattooed by me please join my mailing list for any booking updates. Flash Drops with original designs that will only be tattooed once will be available to claim through my Instagram Story every few months. 

I can't wait to tattoo you!

Love Always, Elaine 


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