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Professional Tattooing by

Electric Elaine

My Story

I grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana and I always had a passion for art. I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from The Art Institute. I rebelled against my degree once I graduated and moved to Hollywood, California to become a Tattoo Artist.


I began tattooing in 2011 then had a 4-year break between 2013-2017. I moved across the country from Indianapolis to Hollywood, to Atlanta, to Denver all within 3 years which made tattooing very difficult, especially as a new Tattoer. During that time I was a Makeup Artist for MAC Cosmetics and then had a studio/ gallery space where I created and sold my paintings and drawings.


I began tattooing again in 2017 at Urban Element Tattoo. I moved to Lumenati Tattoo in April 2021. The private studio environment with Lumenati Productions has been a magical place to work. I tattoo inside of a shipping container within a large warehouse with two sides. The place is a whole experience covered in murals and unique spaces. It's a space where creative work thrives and play is encouraged!


My tattoo style includes designs that are ornamental, botanical, and floral-inspired. Black and grey ink primarily and some color work. I specialize in creating beautiful confidence-boosting tattoos that fit and flow with the body.


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